Subproject 3 (SP3): Remote-sensing and ocean modelling of the Southeast Atlantic

SP3 investigates the relevant physical processes responsible for the temporal and spatial variability of the Benguela upwelling system using in-situ data, remote-sensing and high-resolution ocean model in order to help forecasting the occurrences of warm events with its severe consequences for the ecosystem and fishery along the Southwest African coast.


  • Synthesize high-resolution simulations and remote sensing and in-situ data of sea surface height, temperature, salinity, and chlorophyll to understand the processes involved in the exchange between boundary regions and the interior ocean and to understand processes determining the stratification in the boundary current region (collaboration with SP1, SP2).

  • Understand the impact of the details of the state of the Southeastern Tropical Atlantic Ocean on the predictability of Benguela Niño events (collaboration with SP4).


Principal Investigators:
Prof. Dr. Detlef Stammer, CEN, UHH, Hamburg, Germany

Associated Staff:
Dr. Meike Sena Martins, CEN, UHH, Hamburg, Germany
Franziska Leverenz, CEN, UHH, Hamburg, Germany